15 DIY Easy And Creative Makeovers For your Room

How does one exercise his/her own creativity at home in the best possible way? A lot of us are privileged enough to have the liberty to decorate our room. But too many creative ideas often results in getting confused or making the room cluttered or are extremely common. Here are some of the ideas which can add an essence to the room, give clear ideas and also not result in cluttering the room: –

#1. Use fairy lights


You can wrap fairy lights around the curtain rod, a canopy of your bed or even on the walls!

#2. Movie Posters


Putting up different posters of vintage movies or even your favorite can add a different look to your room. Make sure that the posters are of right size and do not make the room look small.

#3. Black board

Bedroom, Chalkboard Headboard With Short Message A Comfy Bed Furniture ~ Unique and Decorative Headboards Made by DIY


A small and chic black board with various things written on it or loaded with polaroid memories add the fun element in the room.

#4. Bunting


Add a colourful pastel shade bunting to your room which brightens up the room subtly without making the room  look gaudy.

#5. Ladder


Yes! although the idea of keeping a ladder seems peculiar, you can paint this ladder in rustic colour, pop shades and use it to place different things on it!

#6 Swing or hammock


If you have enough space and don’t know what do do with space, then this is the perfect decor. You can make the swing look raw and rustic and simple by the following the basic mechanism of rope and swing seat. Make sure you simply add colourful cushions to pop the swing corner.

#7. Create a faux fireplace


If you are creating a faux fireplace, then mostly you wouldn’t need any other decor in your room. All you need is a simple facade of the fireplace and some electric tea light candles to complete the masterpiece.

#8. Mosquito Net


You don’t need a canopy to hang a mosquito net. You can decorate the net by adding some embellishments fairy lights etc.

#9. Wall Decal


Wall decal, also known as wall tattoo, can add a zing to the room. There are various designs and quotes available or you can also customize your own wall decal.

#10. Constellations on ceiling


You can either paint the ceiling with radium paint in the for of constellations or you can also go on to create a false ceiling with fairy lights and create your own starry night.

#11.  Bookcase


This unique and creatively shaped bookcase is absolutely mind-blowing and treat to eyes.

#12. Beaded curtains


Add bling to your room with a variety of bead curtains readily available or create your own bead curtains.

#13. Create a pattern on your door


You can use washi tape or even paint a pattern on your door. You can go for aztec.

#14. Hula Hoop Chandelier


One of the coolest DIY room decor which you can do in a couple of hours! All you need to do is paint hula hoop, wrap fairy lights around it and hang on the ceiling!

#15. Create a pattern on your ceiling fan


Another fun DIY which will brighten up your room for sure is to create a pattern on your ceiling fan with the help of patterned tape or washi tape.


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