5 Mind Blowing Tricks And Hacks To Pack Light And Efficiently For A Backpacking Trip!

Many of my guy friends often say that women cannot ‘travel light’ and they often back their argument by saying that we carry lots of clothes and apart from that we are stuck with our shoes, jewellery, makeup, toiletries, etc. There’s nothing wrong in carrying things which we feel are essential and it’s okay if our list of essentials are bigger than theirs, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t travel light. Of course we can! Here are some tricks which will help you pack light and it’s easy.

#1. Choose clothes which do not take much space.


One of the reasons why I love outfits of chiffon, georgette, polyester, etc. Is that they don’t occupy much space. They are easy to pack and if the material is of good quality they don’t even crease. Isn’t it such a relief when we don’t have to unpack our clothes on the first day of our stay and brood over ironing them again because little creases are showing up?


#2. Roll them instead of folding them.

You can begin with tops folded in this fashion.

Fold it vertically.

Roll it out and Voila!

If most of your outfits are of creaseless or crease free and don’t occupy much space, then fold, roll and arrange them. This way, your clothes will not only occupy less space, but you can also take a couple of extra outfits for options.

All my tops rolled out!

Almost done!

#3. Take less of bottom wear.


Jeans are essential, so carrying a pair with you is a must. However, make sure that you carry just ‘a pair of jeans’ i.e. only one. You can take skirts, palazzo pants, straight pants, shorts, etc. I am saying this because jeans tend to occupy most of the space. Also, make sure that you don’t take as many bottoms as much as your tops. You can mix, match, and repeat, plus if you are taking dresses or midis then you don’t really require any bottom there 😉


#4. Invest in a travel case.

The compact travel case.

Magic! All these things in one case!

This is one of the most important things to include in your traveling needs. A travel case is a must and it can come quite handy when it comes to packing your makeup, jewellery, toiletries, etc. In ONE bag. An ideal travel case should be compact and include spaces to store all your daily essentials. This one I got it from an online shopping site, I will post the link below.


#5. For winter wear.


Try to pack light sweaters, thermals, and pashmina shawl or a scarf. Thermals are one of the most convenient ways to stay warm if you are heading to chilly regions. These are inner wears which are close knitted, are thick, stick to your body and keep you warm. When you are taking Thermals, you can either ditch those bulky sweaters and parkas and go for light cardigans or a pashmina.


Featured image is sourced from here.

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