5 Super Amazing Benefits Of Rose Water + Recipe Of Rose Water Which You Can Make Anywhere!

The moment I smell the fragrance of rose water, I feel refreshed and relaxed. Here are some of the amazing benefits of rose water for hair and skin.

#1. It restores moisture to the skin without making it overdrying.


Whenever I wash my face with plain water my skin tends to get dry. Rose water is a better option for it does not dry the skin but makes it soft and supple. I often carry a spray bottle in my bag where I can use it quite conveniently.


#2. It cools and tones the skin.

One of the common ingredients used in the toners available in the market is alcohol. Although alcohol cleans the excess oil off the face, it also tends to dry out the skin. Splashing rose water on skin tones it and cools the skin especially during summers.


#3. It cools scalp and contains hair growth vitamin.


A healthy scalp means healthy hair follicles, and healthy hair follicles promote hair growth. Using the rose water spray on the scalp and massaging it for 5-7 minutes moisturizes the scalp without making it much greasy and promotes hair growth.


#4. It soothes tired eyes and sunburns.


Some days are so long and tiring that they never seem to end. What does one do when eyes are tired and need a splash of refreshment? Worry not, simply soak two cotton balls in rose water, keep them on your eyes for 10 – 15 minutes and feel the difference! Rosewater’s cooling effect is beneficial even to the sunburnt skin for a quick relief.


#5. It makes hair soft, shiny, smooth, and fragrant.


It has been almost six months since I ditched chemical shampoos and have taken to using soapnuts (reetha), shikakai, and amla powder mixture as a hair cleanser. After my hair has been air dried, I spray rose water generously on my scalp and my tresses to mask the faint smell of the cleanser and in that process, they also make it soft, smooth and shiny.


Try to use organic rose water for best results. Here’s the recipe which you can make at home!

Prep time: 30 minutes

Materials required:-

1. Lots of natural red roses petals

2. Distilled or filtered water – 3 cups.

3. A vessel

4. A strainer

5. A spray bottle or a glass jar.


1. Pour some distilled water in a vessel. You can also add more water if you want provided you add more rose petals in it.

2. Heat the water filled vessel. Wash and clean the rose petals lest they have any pesticides and add them in it.

3. Keep the heat on low flame and stir occasionally using a porcelain or glass spoon/stirrer.

4. You can see the colour draining from the petals and seeping into the water.

5. Once all or most of the petals have turned white, strain it and keep it aside to cool.

6. Pour this into a glass jar and store in a cool dry place.

7. You can even store this for long by keeping it in the refrigerator.

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