Gauri Vrat Special : Sweet Tacos With Strawberry Filling


Ingredients :-

For taco shell:-
  1. Wheat flour – 1/2 cup
  2. Semolina – 2 tbsp
  3. Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp
  4. Sugar powder – 3 tbsp
  5. Milk – 1/2 cup
  6. Cardamom powder – 2 tsp
  7. Baking powder  (optional) – a pinch
Strawberry filling:-
  1. Strawberry crush – 2 tbsp
  2. Fresh cream – 1 tbsp
  3. Finely chopped mixed fruit – 1 cup
For garnishing :-
Green coloured dessicated coconut.

Method :-

  1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients of the tacos.
  2. Add milk as per requirement and knead a dough and keep it aside for ten minutes.
  3. After ten minutes make medium sized rotis, and fry them in vegetable oil one by one.
  4. Fry them in a way that you hold the roti partly folded in half with the help of tongs, so that it becomes the shape of take shells.
  5. For the filling, take all the ingredients and mix well.
  6. Add the filling into the prepared taco shell.
  7. Garnish with finely chopped strawberries, green coloured dessicated coconut and serve.

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