I Swear By This Skin Care Routine Which Has Given Me A Flawless Skin

I suffered from acne for a really long time, and there came a time, where I was strongly suggested by people around me to visit a dermatologist. Although, my visit to the dermatologist was a blessing in disguise, where my skin cleared up to such an extent that people actually complimented my skin! As time went by, I wanted a routine which would not only mess my flawless skin, but also maintain it without many hassles.

My skin is moderately oil, and I wanted to use as less chemical products as much as possible. One of the major problems with going ‘all natural’ is that it  takes some time to prep it up and it has to be followed diligently. So, I wanted to use minimum chemicals and natural products which would be easy to use and won’t require much follow up.

I regularly use 3 products and the only make up that I use on a regular basis is a kohl liner and sometimes a lip balm. These 3 products are hassle free and easy to use.

1. Face wash – I use the face wash that my dermatologist had prescribed and I have been using it for quite some years now. If you have been using a face wash that has been working great for you, i.e. not messing your skin up and yet cleans properly then please stick to it and resist the temptation of switching to different products.

2. Toner – Initially, I would never understand the concept of using a toner post washing your face but nevertheless after using it regularly I realised that it hydrates the skin and avoids drying it up. I use rose water spray as a toner. So, after I wash my face, I pat dry my skin and spritz rose water on my face quite generously and let it dry till 5 minutes.

3. Moisturizer – Once I the toner has been absorbed, I squeeze little amount of my moisturizer on my palm and apply on my skin. I use cetaphil moisturizer and it moisturizes my skin, making it supple and does not look oily on my skin.

So, that’s it! My skin care routine. I had come across this interesting post, where the person had mixed some amount of coconut water in rose water and used it as a toner. I gave it a shot, but because my skin is already moderately oily, the toner resulted in giving me more breakouts than before. So, it was a lesson for me to not divert from the routine which works well for me. 😛

So, what is your skin care routine?


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