Pocket Friendly : How I Decorated My Room At The Lowest Budget!

There are three rooms at my place. We were blessed to get a fairly spacious flat which had three rooms, living area, dining area, kitchen, a terrace, and two balconies. Two of the rooms are occupied by me and my parents. The third room was simply empty and we wanted to do something creative and quirky in it. The theme of my house is modern with creative touches here and there. Since the third room was going to serve the purpose of lounging cum guest bedroom, I decided to DIY the decor of it. Let me show you the photo of the room first.

This was the actual room, with plain white walls and one sole blue wall and lots of desks. This was the room in which my mom used to teach students hence the desks and the white board.

My course of action

I had an entire room to unleash my creativity but I didn’t want to go crazy on every wall. So, I fixed a budget limit for myself. My initial budget was – 5000/- for decoration, but I had to increase it because there was not a single scrap of furniture in the room. So, the furniture was an add on to the budget. Let me share what I planned and how much it cost.
  1. Cushion covers – Rs. 600 (6 assorted cushion covers)
  2. Artifacts – Rs. 510 (Three glass bottles – Rs. 285 and a Hookah – Rs. 225)
  3. Metal trunk – Rs. 500
  4. Oil paints – Rs. 437 (6 colors + red oxide (trunk) for painting the designs on the wall and trunk)
  5. Mirrors – 1.5 kg for Rs. 400. (I have used approximately 1 kg. This depends on the design and the area to be covered)
  6. Traditional wall string of birds – Rs. 180 (pair)
  7. Fabric glue – Rs. 130 for sticking mirror to the wall (I had bought it before for other crafts).
  8.  Gelatin papers – Rs. 30 (three colors – red, yellow and blue)
  9. Stringed beds or Charpoys – Rs. 4400 (pair) (This is optional, we had to get some furniture for seating, hence we thought of the traditional charpoys)
  10. Antique and working gramophone – Rs. 2200 (including 2 vinyl records)
Total : Rs. 4987 (without the charpoys)
Total : Rs. 9387 (with the charpoys)


Things that I already had:-

  1. A four-door small cabinet.
  2. A low square corner table.
  3. Fabric glue.
It took me almost 5 – 7 days to get the room ready. Let me share how I took things.

1. Planning your course of action.

I did a lot of research in terms of design, recalling my memory based on things that I had seen and then zeroing down on a couple of things. This stage is fairly passive and since I was clear about the theme, I was quite certain as to what to do in the room. You can also brainstorm your ideas with your family and friends armed with food so that you are safe from their hangry behavior :P. This was followed by making a list of things that were required and shopping for them.


2. First things first.

Before I got too excited about painting, I had to ensure that my walls are spotlessly clean and look fresh. So, I spent a couple of hours washing the walls lightly with soap water and a clean rag (get the paradox? 😛 ).


3. Gather all your required supplies together.

Keep all the things which you require in one place so that you don’t have to look for them every time you need something. This does not mean that you have to keep ALL the things required for decorating, cluttered in one space. Plan on where you begin from and then segregate your supplies accordingly. I began by painting the bunting so I kept all my oil paints, brushes, turpentine, rags, pencils, etc. in one corner of the room.


4. Draw a rough sketch of your design.

Painting the bunting was one of the most tedious work in the room as I had to draw each and every triangle with equal measurements with a pencil and a ruler and paint them carefully. But it gives a different look to the room so the labor was certainly worth it. It is also easier to erase any mistakes if you sketch with a pencil.


5. Take sufficient breaks but don’t get too lazy :P.

Take coffee breaks and snack breaks. I don’t think you would prefer fainting in the room due to exhaustion.


6. Be flexible in your planning.

There were quite some things which I had to change because I found more attractive ideas which could look better in the room. Don’t fret much in case what you had planned turns out to be different than what you do.


7. Last but not the least: Keep calm and decor on!

It is possible that by the time you are approaching the finish line you are tired and sleepy but trust me, the final result is bound to take that exhaustion away. So, with adequate planning, and patience you will surely be able to literally create your own space.


Here is the final look of the room:-

The quirky desi hand painted trunk

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