This Mind Blowing Hair Mask Has Solved My Hair Fall Problem Almost Instantly

I have been struggling with my hair fall since a very long time and like any desperate person suffering from hair fall, I have tried everything from popping pills to inversion therapies. Though all these things have solved the problem, however they have their own set of limitations.
Finally, I resorted to nature and natural things.
One of the major reasons for going back to nature was that natural things have the potential to solve almost any problem, and I don’t have to worry about any side effects and I can follow it quite regularly.
Another greatest concern was that I wanted some routine which was easy to follow and quick to whip it (I am quite lazy and often lose interest rather quickly, because of my hectic schedule).
The below mask can be prepared in flat 5 minutes, and it has not only reduced my hair fall but also made it healthy, gave a natural shine and softness.
You need following things for the hair mask:-
1. Aloe Vera gel (pea sized, you can also use more depending on your hair length and volume)
2. ‎2 Vitamin E capsules
3. ‎Oil (you can use coconut, or even almond oil. If you are using a thicker oil like castor oil, please warm the oil before mixing it in the mixture so that it becomes thinner and is easy to mix)
4. ‎Rose water (I use rose water in the spray form)

1. Mix aloe vera gel, and oils together to form a thick paste.
2. ‎Lightly apply this mask on your entire scalp first and then on the length of your hair. Don’t forget to use it on the ends as well. Maintain your focus on scalp and the ends of the hair.
3. ‎Once your hair is completely covered, you can spray rose water or you can tie it in a bun and spray rose water.
4. ‎Keep this mask on your hair for 45 minutes to an hour and wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Make your that you use cold water to wash your hair.
5. ‎Let your hair air dry and see and feel the difference.

You can use this hair mask twice or thrice a week, depending on your hair washing schedule/routine.


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