This Winter Make Your Own Range Of Organic Moisturizing Lotions And Creams!

The temperatures are dipping and with that dip comes cracks and dryness in skin. So, what would you do this winter season to tackle your dry Skin? go for the store provided faux natural creams or create your own genuinely natural, non greasy and pocket friendly lotion? Yes! you can make those lotions and creams at home easily and you don’t even have to worry about the presence of half a dozen chemicals in it! So go ahead and check out what all things you can make this winter to quench the thirst of your skin.

#1. Diy cuticle creams.



Paper cuts are one of the common phenomenon of dry skin. Although, buying a cuticle cream seems like a luxury, this recipe of home made cuticle cream doesn’t ask for much. All you need is honey, beeswax and coconut oil or any essential oil and Voila! say hello to soft and smooth cuticles. Check out the process here.


#2. Winter spice lip balm.



This winter spice is healthy, natural and tastes yummy too! Chapped lips are quite irritating, and honestly I am quite bored of those mainstream chapstick or lip balm flavours of strawberry, vanilla, pomegranate, bubblegum etc. and the unique flavours burn a tiny hole in my pocket. This recipe of lip balm is surprisingly effective.


#3. Lotion for severely dry and sensitive skin.



I have severely dry and sensitive skin. I am obligated to use a lot of body lotion to treat my dry skin. After thinking about lot about what to do about my dry skin, I came across this marvelous idea, why don’t I make my own lotion! if you too are thinking around those lines, check out the entire thing here.


#4. Shea body butter



Although now body butters are available in India, they are a little expensive and I don’t always want to rely on my relatives of friends for the cosmetics like body butter and all. Ending the dilemma, I have bumped into this amazing recipe of making Shea body butter at home! You can get this gorgeous recipe here.


#5. Non greasy body lotion.



Don’t you hate the greasy feeling left after you have applied lotion? I have to use lotion quite frequently due to my extreme dry skin but I am not free from the greasy lotion. Fortunately, I came across this amazing recipe of non greasy but moisturizing body lotion. Check out the recipe here.


#6. Lip scrub



Exfoliating lips should be a weekly routine which helps in reducing chapped lips. But how many of us are stuck between which lip scrub to use ? Chuck out those store made lip scrub and create your own scrub with this recipe here. It involves basic ingredients which are easily available in our kitchen, so go ahead and make your own lip scrub.


#7. Moisturizing soap



I have days when I am so tired of applying lotion and caring for my dry skin that I snap out of that moisturizing routine. Aware of this habit of mine, one of my friends suggested me to use a moisturizing soap instead. This idea got me going but I was still skeptic if the moisturizing soap will be enough and then I came across this homemade moisturizing soap recipe. Check it out here.


#8. Moisturizing body wash.



If you are not a soapy person (Lol! pun unintended) then this moisturizing soap also has a body was version. However the flavor is different. check out this calming and soothing body wash recipe here.


#9. Nourishing face cream.



Body lotions are not meant for the face. The skin of the face is thinner and if your use your thick body lotion on your skin, it might often lead to break outs. I am sure you don’t want to see any break outs or feel dry skin either. Check out this recipe of moisturizing face cream meant exclusively for the face.


#10. Moisturizing bath bombs.



How do you relax in a bath when you have body was or soap for winter? Worry not, there are bath bombs which will moisturize your skin and also help to de-stress you. Check out the recipe here.


#11. Moisturizing spray!



This is a mind blowing technique to get rid of the dry skin on the go! This moisturizing spray is best while you are travelling, check out the recipe here.


#12. Natural and moisturizing makeup remover.



Makeup removers often contain alcohol which dries out skin, and in winter it is especially painful. Checkout this amazing recipe of moisturizing make up remover which certainly won’t dry out skin but also keep it soft and supple without any extra effort.

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